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Calm Wrap

Balance * Soothing * Clears the Mind
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Our Calm Wrap combines the energies of Aquamarine, Sodalite & Tibetan Healing Beads to help you achieve balance within. These crystals for calming serve as a reminder to be patient. Let Go, and just breathe. Sodalite brings a deep level of peace and helps to maintain emotional balance. This is one of the best crystals for calming as it has a harmonizing effect on your body due to its high salt, manganese and calcium content. Sodalite brings soothing and balancing energies to your aura. Aquamarine helps the mind and body relax and let go of resistance. It endows the wearer with happiness and harmony as it brightens the aura. Aquamarine resonates with the energy of the ocean, making it one of the most powerful crystals for calming. It is the perfect gemstone to help deepen your meditative state while you are meditating. The Tibetan Healing beads help the body balance its essential energy. It is handcrafted from Yak bone and inlaid with coral and turquoise, known for their healing properties. The three metals: copper, nickel and brass help promote healthy blood flow and circulation.

Use a plastic container/zip lock covers for storage. Muslin cloth for coverage and maintenance.
Aquamarine, Sodalite & Tibetan Healing Beads
15 days
Length - 7 cm (elastic)

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