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Clarity * Believe * Receive * Surrender
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Our Manifesting Bracelet was designed to bring relief from hopelessness and anxiety, replacing them with feelings of hope and happiness. Smoky Quartz reminds you to stay connected and grounded to the Earth, so that its life force energy can move through your mind, body and spirit.  This gemstone emits strong vibrations of positive energy, increasing your feelings of well-being and self confidence. It helps to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, replacing them with happiness and joy. Garnet increases your willpower, encourages success and emits positive energy. It provides you with the courage to move forward and to let go of the things that no longer serve you, bringing personal growth. It is known as the stone of commitment. The red garnet meaning helps you fully commit to your dreams and goals, stopping at nothing until they are achieved.

Use a plastic container/zip lock covers for storage. Muslin cloth for coverage and maintenance.
Smoky Quartz, Garnet
15 days
Length - 7 cm
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