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Weddings and Marigolds events are more than just great parties, they're unique celebrations of love!

Who we are

A spark of a beautiful idea was born when two creative, passionate people met over coffee in 2015. The idea that no matter where you are in the world, you should have that once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding in all its glory minus the hassles. Mathangi, with over 18 years of retail experience and 7 years of wedding planning experience and Anita, with over 18 years of business and brand experience came together to give form and substance to their vision. And Weddings and Marigolds was born.

Planning a wedding should be a beautiful affair. So, Mathangi and Anita used technology to enable weddings and remove the pains of coordinating with guests across the world. They created the gift registry, and a comprehensive 'wedding Tracker' - a way for couples to track every stage of their wedding preparations. They created a single destination with all the resources a young couple, and their families, would need to craft a wedding with finesse and filled with happiness.

So, as Indians across the world celebrate the most memorable day of lives, Weddings and Marigolds will be there to ensure that it is also their happiest.


Mathangi Srinivasamurti Director and Founder
Creative wedding strategist, curation and wedding planning

Mathangi, delightfully warm, funny, engaging, and at the same time ultra-organized and exquisitely focused, she’s simply a genius at turning wishes into spectacular events.

Magical, timeless, elegant, classic, original and flawless are words often used when describing weddings planned by Mathangi. Mathangi is recommended by the top wedding venues, media and her more prized clients across Chennai. She is adored by clients and wedding professionals alike.

Combining impeccable taste with over 16 years of solid experience, Mathangi is a genius at designing your celebration to reflect your personal style. While highly sought-after for her uncanny ability to translate clients' dreams into reality, efficiently with a practical hands on approach. Mathangi limits the number of clients she works with in order to provide an unparalleled level of service. Whether you're a celebrity hosting a lavish party or planning an intimate affair, you can count on Mathangi to ensure that every detail of your wedding unfolds with grace and flair.

Anita Pradeep

Anita Pradeep Director and Cofounder
Brand’s and partnerships, International collaboration and destination events

Anita Pradeep believes in creating ideas that people want to spend time with. Her vision of bringing technology and wedding planning together in a magical marriage, transcends borders and brings alive dream weddings in India and abroad.

Anita is based out of Singapore and brings her 18 years of experience in brand building and strategic marketing to the task of growing the Weddings and Marigolds brand.

Since she has an expertise in arts and creative management, she helps to identify budding opportunities locally and worldwide. She advices Mathangi on national and international audience strategies and developing new markets.

Anita spends her time discovering places around the world with NRIs that wish to celebrate beautiful weddings. She creates footholds for the brand through strategic tie-ups and co-creations that showcase Mathangi and the brand.

Anita is a trained personal brand strategist from the Reach Institute, New York. She is also the CEO of Brand Leverage United (BLU), an independent niche, brand and marketing firm. She is a Chennaite at the core, a LIBA - Chennai alumni and held leadership roles in top advertising agencies including JWT and Y&R.

A passionate ideator and creative junkie at heart, Anita’s energy and zeal have helped shape the idea that is Weddings and Marigolds.

Chitra Mahesh

Chitra Mahesh Expert Consultant

Chitra Mahesh is a well known writer and critic in the city, writing on the arts for over 25 years. Having worked with The Hindu and The Deccan Chronicle, her understanding of the media has led her to be an expert on it and the PR industry.

She has handled the conceptualisation and implementation of many events that include Fund Raisers, Cultural Programmes, Conferences, Weddings and other Celebratory functions. Additionally, she has written books on personalities and helped produce several coffee table books. Her keen sense of aesthetics comes in handy when there is a wedding or planning of special events and is extremely adept at decor, designing cards/ brochures among other things.

Till recently a Consultant to ITC Grand Chola in all these areas, Chitra handles writing, editing, designing and events on her own as well as in collaboration with others. Chitra is also a healer and a tarot card reader, enabling many to find solutions to a happier and a more fulfilled life.

Chitra has worked on multiple wedding projects with specific reference to design and project execution in the past several years with Mathangi as well.

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