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A picture-perfect Wedding should be followed by an intimate and relaxing Honeymoon that helps you start your life’s beautiful journey.

We at Weddings and Marigold will help you plan a surprise honeymoon, an exotic, romantic getaway experience that can be cherished for a lifetime. This will be the ultimate gift you can give each other as a couple. All our honeymoon packages are customized and created based on your tastes and desires.

Get ready for the start of a new chapter in your wedded lives filled with romance, travel, adventure and leisure.

Here are our Honeymoon Recommendations for 2017!
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For a dash of culture, some adventure, the best massages and all things relaxing, Bali is your ideal honeymoon destination.

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Day 1 - honeymoon in Bali

Arrive at Bali!!! Check in and enjoy a day of leisure! 

Day 2 - honeymoon in Bali

Start your day with breakfast at the hotel. Enjoy water-sport activities at Tanjung Benoa and in the afternoon take a trip to the Uluwatu Temple. Hanging on a cliff 100 metres above the ocean, Uluwatu temple is a unique sight and with the Kecak Dance performance, it will be unforgettable. The night calls for a Romantic Dinner at Garuda Wisnu Kencana.

Day 3 - honeymoon in Bali

Follow a morning of leisure with an afternoon of therapy with a 2 hour Spa package and all the time in the world to rest and relax.

Day 4 - honeymoon in Bali

Choose to relax, explore or indulge – this day is all about what you want to do!

Day 5 - honeymoon in Bali

Get ready to head home with happy memories!

For art, architecture, fashion and culture, Paris is one of the great treasure houses of the world, and your ticket to that romantic honeymoon.

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Day 1 - honeymoon in France

Explore beautiful Paris on your own. Stop by the Parisian neighbourhood of St-Germain-des-Prés, a wonderful neighbourhood lined with art galleries, storied cafés, chic shops and designer boutiques.

The "City of Lights" is best experienced in the evening where you will discover the magic and enchantment all around. Get absolutely mesmerized by the spectacular brilliance of the illuminated monuments and structures like the Notre Dame Cathédral and the Eiffel Tower.

Day 2 - honeymoon in France

Take part in a cultural and gastronomic tour of the Parisian markets accompanied by a local culinary expert. Revel in the sights and sounds and get a glimpse of Parisians shopping for their food. Visit specialty shops for some insight on classic French cuisine and sample some of the best tastes the city has to offer.

Day 3 - honeymoon in France

Explore the heart of Paris by visiting the city’s historic neighbourhoods like the Ile de la Cité, the Latin Quarter, Odéon, and the Louvre district. Witness a beautiful spectacle of major landmarks like the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sorbonne, the medieval Hôtel de Cluny and the Palais du Louvre. Take a walk across quiet, tree-lined plazas and courtyards tucked away in the background. The mixture of traditional and contemporary sites captures the spirit and history of Paris.

French cuisine has defined the concept of urban dining around the world today. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch and then take a walk through historic Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The cafés and brassieres located here provide the foundation for the city’s take on classic French food served at restaurants and fine dining establishments.

A wine-tasting session follows where you can savour classics ranging from the regions of Bordeaux to Burgundy. French life and culture is intertwined with their specialty wines, which has helped shape the country’s history, gastronomy, and the urban landscape.

Day 4 - honeymoon in France

Take to the streets of the chic and quaint Rue de Bac. Visit some of the city’s top specialty food shops, award winning bakeries, oldest cheese shops and the only mousse bar.

Take a stroll along the Tuileries Garden (Jardin des Tuileries) or the River Seine. Walk up the Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe or shop for your favourite merchandise at some luxury stores like Chanel or Louis Vuitton..

Day 5 - honeymoon in France

Paris is home to some of the world's best chocolate makers, sellers, and aficionados. Take a delicious jaunt through Paris' upscale St. Germain neighbourhood to entice and tantalize your palate. Visit several of the city’s most talked about chocolatiers.

Undertake a masterclass with a trained Chef from acclaimed restaurant Cordon Bleu to enhance your gastronomic skills while enjoying the art and science of French cooking.

Day 6 - honeymoon in France

Try your hand at baguette making during a private masterclass given by an award winning baker in an authentic bakery.

Take in the sights of some of the greatest architectural treasures of Paris like the Opera Garnier or the Louvre Museum.

Day 7 - honeymoon in France

Bid Adieu to Paris for your journey home!

Romance by the seaside, a honeymoon in captivating Greece will let you experience the best of both worlds; a vibrant, living culture and an ancient civilization.

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Day 1 - honeymoon in Greece

Enchanting Athens

Welcome to the enchanting city of Athens where you will be whisked away to your hotel. Experience the lovely aroma of olive oil wafting around the street corners and capture a splendid view of the pristine pillars rising above on Acropolis Hill.

Take a stroll along the Plaka, one of the oldest inhabited streets in Athens, where antiquated mansions line the pathways and the polished cobblestones give a charming air to the neighbourhood. The amazing scent of traditional Greek recipes like roasted souvlaki to honeyed baklava, will tantalize your senses in every corner of the street. A romantic evening beckons as you can watch the Acropolis glow like the moon during nightfall.

Day 2 - honeymoon in Greece

Ruins and Volcanoes

Venture into the history of Athens where the streets are bursting with contemporary and ancient archives. Walk along marbled floors on top of the Acropolis and marvel at the large pillars of the Propylaea. Step into the famous Parthenon, where a temple was constructed to look perfect from all angles. Experience the city’s history, its prosperity during days of yore and the prestige of its Gods which were once worshipped.

Arrive in Santorini during the afternoon. Sit along the celebrated cliffs where homes are whitewashed and blue roofed. The Mediterranean Sea’s sapphire water sits comfortably within the caldera, highlighting the volcano’s peak and the surrounding islands. Enjoy a picture perfect view with your better half for company.

Day 3 - honeymoon in Greece

Indulgent Luxuries

Enjoy a luxurious bed and breakfast by the infinity pool. Bask in the sun and watch the sparkling blue sea stretch into the distance. Explore the charming villages along the caldera, where it hugs the cliff side offering the best views of the island just for you. In the distant curve of the island is the quintessential village of Oia. The marbled streets of Oia draw you towards the aromatic perfume of fresh pastries baked in the street corners.

Day 4 - honeymoon in Greece

Ardent Atlantis

Enjoy a panorama of the Mediterranean Sea during breakfast. Explore Fira or enjoy a day wine tasting session among the plethora of Santorini vineyards. Fantasy lovers can also explore Akrotiri, the ancient city that is believed to be the location of the Lost City of Atlantis. This enchanting city is inspiring and the beauty of its remains against the backdrop of the Mediterranean is magnificent.

Day 5 - honeymoon in Greece

Coming to the Caldera

After breakfast, sail through the fabulous caldera, which showcases a beautiful view of the crescent shaped island. The sunlight plays tricks on the sea water as there are colour shifts of the sea from turquoise to sapphire and back again. Disembark on the shore of the volcano and walk to its peak. Enjoy the wonderful sensation of basking in a comfortable and secluded area of hot springs. Arrive back on the cliffs of Santorini at dusk.

Day 6 - honeymoon in Greece

The Lavishness of the Water

Make your way to the port and set sail for Crete. Catch a glimpse of the Venetian castle of Heraklion near the horizon. On the way, you can see the strong stones standing proudly on guard in front of the city for centuries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Day 7 - honeymoon in Greece

Freedom of the Island

The treasures of Crete are waiting for you, where the true jewel of the island is the city of Chania in Western Crete. Explore the splendid beaches or the Samaria Gorge when you get there. The winding, maze like streets is perfect for a stroll where you can see closely pressed buildings and sprawling bougainvillea. Take in the lovely scents of roasted meat in clay pots cooked in tiny restaurants along the lanes. The city lights up and glistens in the reflection of the Mediterranean when the sun starts to set.

Day 8 - honeymoon in Greece

A Lovely Labyrinth

The ruins of Knossos Minoan Palace is situated just outside the centre of Heraklion. This is the location of the notorious Minotaur, the legendary bull-headed monster of Greek Mythology. Guests are greeted at the entrance with murals that represent servants serving wine and beautiful dolphins adorning the walls of the queen’s bath. There is beauty in the walls, the colours and the legendary tales of this palace.

Day 9 - honeymoon in Greece

Small Towns and Grand Waters

Explore the village of Agios Nikolaos, located along the eastern shores of the island. This charming, bustling small town blends the beauty of leisure and the splendour of art with serene balance. With buildings overlooking the lake, port and Kitroplatia beach, you can enjoy lunch or dinner at the Cafes and Restaurants surrounding the water. The air is filled with a mixture of melted cheese, crepes, coffee and honey that is sure to tantalize.

Day 10 - honeymoon in Greece

Reflections of passion

Arrive in Athens where fresh macaroons await you at the Sofitel Athens Airport Hotel. Enjoy a trip into the city, where you can take a walk along the Plaka, or indulge in a wonderful meal on the patio of Kalamaki. Head back home with memories of a country that shares its history, culture and architectural beauty on your holiday.

A luxurious honeymoon destination that blends quintessential history, culture and beauty. That’s what Cambodia takes pride in.

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Day 1 - honeymoon in Cambodia

Arrive at Angkor, the Cradle of Southeast Asia Civilization. Visit the floating village of the Chong Khneas and take a traditional boat ride on the Tonle Sap rivers.

Day 2 - honeymoon in Cambodia

Pay a visit to one of the seven greatest architectural wonders of the world, Angkor Wat. Then take in the sights of the sacred and mythical Mount Meru, the "Great City" of Angkor Thom and Phnom Bakheng temple on the hill.

Day 3 - honeymoon in Cambodia

Experience a full day tour of the Angkor complex. Visit famous monasteries and temples in and around the area. Another historical site at Angkor Thom is the Gate of the Dead, traditionally known to transport a dead king to his funeral.

Day 4 - honeymoon in Cambodia

Indulge in a tropical getaway experience at Sihanouk-Ville, Cambodia's premier beach town. Its white sandy beaches and warm waters lend a laid-back, relaxing atmosphere.

Day 5 - honeymoon in Cambodia

Enjoy a scenic journey, travel by road to Bago. It was once the capital of southern Myanmar famous for its remains of a former palace and various religious sites which dates back to the 6th century.

Day 6 - honeymoon in Cambodia

A delightful and fun-filled day at the Sihanouk-Ville Beach awaits you. The beachside resort is the perfect go to for lazy days of sunbathing and night-time bar hopping. This is Cambodia’s most happening sun-drenched destination thanks to its surrounding coastline of white sandy beaches.

Day 7 - honeymoon in Cambodia

A delightful and fun-filled day at the Sihanouk-Ville Beach awaits you. The beachside resort is the perfect go to for lazy days of sunbathing and night-time bar hopping. This is Cambodia’s most happening sun-drenched destination thanks to its surrounding coastline of white sandy beaches.

Day 8 - honeymoon in Cambodia

After another eventful day at the Sunny Beach of Sihanouk-Ville, get ready to head back home!

Whether you are looking for adventure, fun or romance, Bulgaria is an ideal honeymoon spot for newlyweds. The country has its share of rich history, mesmerizing beaches, delicious local food and beautiful people all around.

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Day 1 - honeymoon in Bulgaria

Arrive in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Explore the city on foot and make some new friends!

Day 2 - honeymoon in Bulgaria

Sofia has plenty of places to relax and watch the world go by. A truly breathtaking symbol is the
St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world, located in the heart of the city. The night life also needs special mention with so many trendy restaurants and bars to let your hair down.

Day 3 - honeymoon in Bulgaria

Make your way to Bansko, a town famous for its winter sports activities and rich cultural history. Visit Rila Monastery, the country’s most important cultural, historical and architectural monument.

Day 4 - honeymoon in Bulgaria

Whether its skiing, mountain biking or hiking, there are so many activities for adventure sports lovers. Take a walk on Pirin Street where restaurants, cafes, winter shops and souvenir shops vie for your attention.

Day 5 - honeymoon in Bulgaria

Take a mountain train journey from Bansko to Velingrad by the oldest train in Bulgaria. Pit yourself against nature and enjoy the wonderful scenery on the way. Arrive in Velingrad, the spa capital of the Balkans.

Day 6 - honeymoon in Bulgaria

A day dedicated to rest and relaxation. Pamper yourself and unwind at some of the most famous spa resorts.

Day 7 - honeymoon in Bulgaria

Arrive in Plovdiv, the historical capital of Bulgaria. A romantic old town, it mingles millennia old ruins with invigorating nightlife.

Day 8 - honeymoon in Bulgaria

A day tour awaits you which features visits to museums, churches, mansions, art galleries and the famous architectural Roman Amphitheatre.

Day 9 - honeymoon in Bulgaria

Make your way back to Sofia. Take a stroll through Vitosha Boulevard, a pedestrian zone ideal for a relaxing walk. Indulge on your favourite merchandise at some of the shops carrying world famous brands.

Day 10 - honeymoon in Bulgaria

Get ready to head home with fond memories of your trip!

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