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Anita R Ratnam, Choreographer

With very definite ideas of how to envision and curate an event, I have worked with several individuals and event companies at various levels. Conferences, concerts, live arts performances and more. However, working with Mathangi and Chitra offered me a unique vantage point of synergy. Two very different individuals, with varying histories, joined by their passion for the beautiful, artistic and unusual.

My family home is a personal heritage statement that was designed by my mother 50 years ago. To allow anyone to enter that private space would mean that I needed to cultivate a great deal of respect. As a creative artist myself, I have admired the ideas, professionalism and gentle touches that TEAM MATHANGI/CHITRA have brought to this highly competitive business. Both occasions were family weddings - highly personal and emotional affairs. For both functions, the decor, accessories and complete involvement of the team were commendable. I was able to trust and hand over the "look" of the space and watch it coming to life before my eyes.

The price points were always workable and the communication throughout the timelines very clear. I have even worked with Mathangi/Chitra for a private memorial for my mother for which our home became a beautiful crucible holding the precious memories. Specially designed gift bags, monogrammed CD covers on silk, artisan soaps, chocolates, and perfume. Dream it and they will do it!



Sunanda Narayan, The Bride

We had a whole 10 months to plan our wedding and with Mathangi being my aunt, she was involved in the wedding chatter right from the beginning and was looped into the ton of conversations around decor, theme, food and venue ideas through the wedding planning journey.

There's always great expectation from a Sangeet; it had to be a Pinterest-pretty-party! I was excited to have Mathangi plan the entire event for us: she's got a keen eye for colours and has unique floral decor ideas, so I was only too glad to leave the creativity entirely up to her! And as expected, she created a trend-setting event.

As part of the theme, she created beautiful flower panels through-out the venue, including a grand elephant mural greeting us at the entrance. The guests especially loved the little touch of an adorable elephant placed as the center-piece of the table setting.

Mathangi went well beyond just the decor and was our outfit and jewelry critique as well! Special mention of her for putting us on to Meena Thomas who created my sister's stunning lehenga and to DJ Ashok Bajaj for spinning to my friends and family's tunes; quite literally! Not to forget, her collaborations with the top hotels and the best vendors are an added boon as well.

I highly recommend and can't thank Mathangi and team enough for their innovative ideas and stunning, hassle-free execution!

Wedding at, "The Amethyst"


Elizabeth & Rathin Roy

Mathangi helped us to execute our son, Reihem's wedding at the Wild Garden Cafe of The Amethyst. It was an extremely pleasant experience working with her. While she is a person of impeccable aesthetic sense, she did not push her designs on us. She took our intentions and design ideas, worked around them, added to them, executed them and we got what we wanted and much more.

We wanted a casual and informal wedding and yet something striking and outstandingly beautiful. We were particular that the decor and the design did not upstage the bride and the groom or their wedding. Mathangi captured the spirit of our intentions and communicated and translated our nuances into the design and arrangements. She even gave us a stunning floral wilderness, within the limits of the shades and flowers that we wanted. She paid attention to details and sourced all that we asked for.

Our friend S. Muthiah best summed it up in The Hindu as ".....it was nicer still to meet again at one of the most charming weddings I've been to in many a year.....Was this a new India we were seeing, moments of quiet happiness rather different from the loudness of the big bash weddings we've been seeing for a while now?" We look forward to another opportunity, creating magic with Mathangi.



Rafiq & Seema

Mathangi is a long time friend and I have always known her to be very hard working and conscientious. My daughter and I had taken on the mammoth task of organizing my son’s wedding on our own. The wedding was held at a made for the occasion tent that was constructed only for the day. My husband insisted that we would host our guests to a sit-down meal.

No five-star hotel could promise us such an event for 1800 guests. This was our challenge and the brief to Mathangi was to deliver us decor that was nothing but five-star. The decoration of the wedding was completely handed over to Mathangi and her company. Mathangi’s professional approach was refreshing. She is very reliable and lived up to the challenge and promises she made. All the arrangements were made in a timely manner and the evening was stress-free for me to enjoy.

From the word go, she understood our needs. She worked with our budget. She coordinated beautifully with the colours of burgundy and gold we had used for the wedding cards by using Hydrangeas flowers. These had never been used before in Chennai. The choice and use of these flowers made the decor look elegant and classy.

Her work was excellent and has left me with unforgettable memories. My family and I were very happy with the service provided by Mathangi and her company. I have recommended her to many of my customers and friends. I look forward to working with her again for other such happy occasions in my family.

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